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Who is the care team made up of?

The Cariatrix care team is made up of a medical director, registered nurses and registered medical assistants.

Does the patient receive a call every month?

No, the patient does not receive a call every month, but they do receive the interactive care plan every month. In our experience, patients prefer to be called every other month, so we have tailored our program to enhance patient satisfaction. If the patient has a question, they can call their care coordinator at any time.

Why participate in Chronic Care Management?

For Patients 1. Better access to care. 2. Overall improved health outcomes. 3. VIP access to your provider's office. For Providers 1. Increased accuracy of patient chart/information. 2. Quality measures are tracked and easily submitted at the end of the year. 3. Increased patient engagement and increased clinical staff support.

Who is responsible for billing CPT-99490?

The billing provider is responsible for billing at the end of each month.

What to expect next after signing up for Chronic Care Management

The care coordinator will explain the details of the program and what you can expect moving forward.

Is there a monthly cost for patients participating in Chronic Care Management?

Medicare covers 80% of the monthly charge and the patient is responsible for the other 20%. It is about $8/month, but most secondary insurances cover the remaining 20%.

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